The Best of Everything: Kitchen

This is a roundup of the best products to use and own in the kitchen. It is blend of personal opinion as well as brand legacy and dominance in the category.

John Boo’s Maple Cutting Board, $60

John Boo’s has been manufacturing cutting boards since 1887. He originally made a butcher block for a blacksmith. When the local butcher saw and admired the innovation, he realized that he could use one in his meat market.

All-Clad Cookware, $170-$2200

All-Clad cookware is the only cookware to buy. The patented roll-bonded process uses 5 layers of metal bonded together. It uses a magnetic stainless steel exterior, aluminum layer, copper core, aluminum layer, and 18/10 stainless steel interior cooking surface copper. Since copper is a better heat conductor than stainless steel, it allows for better heat distribution. All-Clad uses the easy-care of stainless steel on the exterior with the performance of copper and aluminum on the interior.

Blanco Sink, $332

Whether you buy the Silgranit or classic stainless steel version, Blanco is the house name for kitchen sinks. I hopefully will be getting the Silgranit version as I want the look of a black sink. Silgranit is heat, acid, scratch, rust and impact resistant. I want the large, single basin so we can easily clean large pots.

Moen faucet, $258

Moen faucets have a lifetime warranty. I think most companies do, however, the ease and simplicity of submitting a claim on our old Moen faucet was so effortless and free of resistance that it has made me a Moen customer for life. Obviously I would have preferred our faucet not breaking in the first place but when things do go, I appreciate an easy process.

Wolf Range, $10,000

My parents have had their Wolf range for 20 years with no problems. As soon as we can afford it, we will be purchasing one. The problem with appliances these days are the electronics. As soon as the board goes, the cost of replacing it costs almost as much as the unit itself. It perpetuates the disposable society that we live in. I want the 6 burner model with a convection oven. The simplicity and industrial appearance of Wolf make it a no brainer.

Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils, $20 – $40

No comfort silicone grip, no plastic handles, just good, old fashioned stainless steel. Silicone and plastic look grotty after years of use. When we got married, I registered for all stainless steel cooking utensils. With proper care, I hope they last us a lifetime.

Fiestaware in White, $28

Fiestaware has been around since 1936. It is known for its bright colours but I prefer dinnerware in classic white. The reason why I think Fiestaware is the best is its clean lines and brand longevity. If I break a dish, I know that I can always replace it (especially in the white colour). Fiestaware is oven/microwave/dishwasher/and freezer safe. You would be surprised to see how many plates cannot go in the oven. Their plates can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees which is great for reheating food since we do not own a microwave. To top it off, Fiestaware is all made in the USA.

Peugeot Peppermill, $45

At all fine dining restaurants, you will only see Peugeot pepper mills. Their iconic, utilitarian design make them suitable for use in the kitchen while still looking elegant on the dining table. They have been making them since 1840. They have been manufacturing them since 1840 in France.

Kitchenaid Mixer, $336

These mixers have been on every wedding registry since… forever. I received one but I am saving opening it until the new home. I hope to replace my bread maker with it. The iconic design of these mixers allow you to keep them on your counter indefinitely.

Kramer Chef Knife, Pairing Knife and Bread Knife $149-$349

I am convinced you only need 3 high quality knifes. A 8″ chef knife, a pairing knife and bread knife. Kramer is said to be the best knife in the world however they range from $2000+. Kramer has licensed its design to Henkalls who offer a more affordable option.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware, $13

I love my glass pyrex. I love baking in it and the ability to store my leftovers immediately with the plastic lid. The only issue with pyrex is that you cannot take it from a cold fridge directly into a hot oven. It cracks and makes a mess.

HiCoup Corkscrew, $23-$56

I do not own one of these since I have a bottle opener from Italy that is sentimental. If it ever breaks, I will purchase a HiCoup. It seems like most sommeliers and bartenders recommend this opener.

Waterford Crystal, $190

These are not your everyday water glasses however I think having nicer glasses for cocktails make your drink taste better. I plan to purchase 4 old fashioned glasses.

Riedel Wine Glasses, $59

Maybe I am not refined enough but I do not think you need multiple glasses for different varieties of wine. They break so fast. Riedel is known for their high-quality stemware and mid-range prices.

Let me know what you think the best kitchen brands and items are in the comments below.