A big job but it is done! We tiled the house and paid for someone to install the hardwood. Brent’s back is bad and we are getting a little over building. The guy did it for $1.85 per square foot and installed all of the flat hardwood grates which are apparently very time consuming. He did a very nice job! Hardwood was ordered through Home Hardware and the tile is all from Home Depot.

Our home is 2030 sq ft on the main level. I ordered 1215 sq ft of hardwood and 678 sq feet of the dark tile and 155 sq ft of the white tile. We had one box leftover from the hardwood and 2 leftover boxes of the dark tile.

Price Breakdown

Engineered Hardwood – $9650

Hardwood Installation – $2220 (cash)

Ditra-mat – $ 1375

Grout & Glue – $671

Tile & Tile Edger – $3311

Total $17,227


Floor Tile in Kitchen, Entry, Laundry, Backdoor & Guest Bath is 12×24 Enigma Vermont Graphite Tile. It was purchased at Home Depot for $2.69 per square foot. Can be found here.

Master Bathroom is 24×24 Enigma Vera Carrara Tile. Also purchased at Home Depot but for $1.99 a square foot. Can be found here.

Hardwood floor is Husky Flooring in Natural Maple Oil F/X in the advantage grade (although we sort of wish we purchased the character grade). It is 5″ wide, 3/4 thick. It was $6.70 per square foot. It was purchased at Home Hardware. Can be found here.

Kitchen + dining before – Removing dust off the floors in the kitchen
Kitchen + dining after
Living room after
Mudroom – Brent is grouting and I’m probably drinking wine and telling jokes
Master bathroom shower
Tile ninja
Master bathroom shower
Master bathroom floor