The Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden

With building our home this year, we have opted to keep our 2019 vegetable garden simple. This post will show you our favourite gardening tools/products and briefly explain how we currently do things.

Seed Starting

I save my seeds from the previous year and start them in peat moss pellets early March. As soon as I thin, I remove the gauze and replant them in plastic pots from flowers I have purchased in the past. I allow the little seedlings to grow on my window sill until it is warm enough to transplant.

Peat pellets, here

Terracotta pots, here

Potting soil, here



I am pretty basic when it comes to tools for planting. I have my father till the land every year with his rototiller. I create neatly raised rows with a bow rake. I plant the seedlings in the ground using a narrow trowel, wearing latex dish washing gloves haha. I place the cages around the tomato seedlings immediately.

Wood bow rake, here

Wood trowel, here

Honda rototiller, here

Our 2018 garden


Once the seedlings are planted, all that is left is to feed, water and weed.

Feed: I like to use natural/organic fertilizers on my food. Tomatoes, spinach and squash love nitrogen rich fertilizers like blood meal. I feed my plants every 6-8 weeks.

Compost: I am new to kitchen composting however I plan to continuously add compost to my crops as it develops. I add all kitchen scraps to my compost pail except animal bones. At the end of the day, I take it out to the larger plastic composter next to my garden.

Water: I like to hand water my plants when they small. As they grow and become stronger I will switch to spraying them with the hose in either the morning or evening.

Weed: This year I plan to keep the weeds down by using straw in the rows and around my plants. I think this will help with watering as well since the soil will not dry out as quickly.

Watering can, here

Compost pail, here

Blood meal, here



The best part about gardening is the harvest. We harvested a lot more than these two pictures. This year my goal is to can enough tomatoes to last us the year in pizza sauce and crushed tomatoes. I am giving up on making salsa haha It always sucks. We also want to pickle beets again. Last year they turned out amazing. I also want to dehydrate enough basil to last us for the year.