Drywall and Paint

Drywall and Paint

Another step complete! In order to save money we hung all the drywall ourselves. It took about 3 weeks to hang all the drywall during evenings/weekends. We hired 2 local guys to do the mudding and taping within the house. They were at the house 8am-4pm and took 3 weeks to complete. I can only imagine how long it would have taken Brent & I. To save money, Brent and I mudded/taped the garage & basement ourselves.

For the paint, we went with Benjamin Moore – Silver Satin in a matte finish. I debated between 2 other popular colours, BM – Grey Owl and BM – Classic Grey. I found the Grey Owl was too dark and the Classic Grey was too beige. I rolled the walls with primer and Brent sprayed the ceilings to save time. It took me about 2 full weeks to paint the house. I am so happy with the colour.

Cost Breakdown

Mud & Tape Labour – $8928

Drywall Materials (House and Garage) – $7275

Primer & Paint – $2341

= $18,544

Front Door: Drywall
Great room: Drywall
Staircase: Drywall mudded & taped.
Guest Bedroom: Primed walls
Paint Colour: We went with Benjamin Moore – Silver Satin in a matte finish. I used the Regal line throughout the house and the Aura Kitchen & Bath in the 2 bathrooms.

Vapour Barrier and Insulation

Vapour Barrier and Insulation

Not going to lie, putting in insulation in January was pretty miserable with no heat. We outsourced the spray foam since we don’t own the equipment as well as the vapour barrier. The 2 guys that came and did the vapour were in and out within a day. They were very efficient.

Cost Breakdown

Vapour Barrier & Installation – $1500

Blown Insulation for Attic – $4418

Attic Hatches – $170

Garage wall Insulation – $771

Spray Foam -& Installation $2486

= $9345

Great room: Brent, his dad and brother demonstrating safety. Applying drywall so they can spray the girder trusses.
I was able to price match the insulation for the vaulted ceiling/garage at Home Depot. This brought the cost from $80 a bag to $48.
Master bedroom : After the vapour barrier. was installed.
Master bathroom
Kitchen and pantry from living room.
Living room: Our beautiful Valcourt fireplace. Next step is to frame the fireplace.
Front Entry: Brent framing the front hall closet with steel studs. I guess it is easier to use steel studs because of the pitch of the vaulted ceiling. We debated about leaving this area open (not framing above) but I did not want to dust on top of the closet.